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    Model T's are often thought of as being all nearly identical, but there actually were numerous changes made during the production run. Although many parts will interchange between cars of different years, an authentic restoration requires the correct parts be used for the car you are restoring . This page is an index to a wealth of information and pictures that will help you identify parts and restore your car.

    Dates and change descriptions were taken from research done by knowledgeable club members. This information will be enhanced by Ford Motor Company documentation on changes made as the cars were built, which are known as "Record of Changes" (Releases) , as this information is collected (i.e. as done on the Cylinder head page) .

    If you are restoring an early car (built prior to September 1911), you may also be able to obtain a copy of the original shipping invoice for your car which will help you with your restoration.

    All photos are of parts removed from cars during restoration by club members.
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