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1923 Model T Pickup

Unrestored original 1924 Fordson


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847-669-3848  /  sastier@prodigy.net (Huntley, IL)

1922 Fordson Trackson,

Model "F" old restoration

Runs & drives well 

​Contact Scott Stier:

 847-669-3848  /  sastier@prodigy.net (Huntley, IL)

1926 Model T Pickup
$12,000, OBO

Personally restored in 2005, currently 7,640 miles.

Features: aluminum pistons, hardened valve seats, brass valve guides, adjustable lifters,  Z-head, distributor, water pump, modern speedometer, powder-coated wire wheels, car cover, side curtains, rear floating hubs. 

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danielwhayes@yahoo.com or  972-741-5177 (Dallas, TX).
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Original Peter Schuttler High Wheel Wagon


Contact Scott Stier

847-669-3848  /  sastier@prodigy.net (Huntley, IL)

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Original Moline 2-14 Stell Pull Plow


Contact Scott Stier

 847-669-3848  /  sastier@prodigy.net (Huntley, ​IL)