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The Model T Ford Club International and the Model T Ford Club International Foundation

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​​​The MTFCI website has been updated and modified from its previous website edition.  The website provider has been changed to GoDaddy, and it is hoped that this change will allow the website to be more secure and usable.  The website is still under some construction, including purchasing MTFCI items from club sales.  We are striving to have the entire website operational very soon.  One major change that the MTFCI Board of Directors agreed to in October was to discontinue the MTFCI Forum with vBulletin.  It was determined that the forum was not widely accepted by the Model T community, and, as a result, was not used enough to justify continuing the forum.  While some MTFCI forum members will lament the loss of this segment of the website, there is ample opportunity to use the MTFCA forum to gain information on the Model T Ford.  If you have any comments or suggestions about our new website, please contact the MTFCI President at