Lifetime Membership

The MTFCI Board of Directors approved the Lifetime Membership Program for the MTFCI.  A Lifetime United States Membership can be purchased for $800, while a Lifetime Canadian or International Membership costs $900.  Paying the entire cost will initiate the Lifetime Membership immediately upon receipt of payment to the MTFCI business office.  The Lifetime Member will receive all the benefits of being a life member and will receive the MTFCI Lifetime Member pin for the member and spouse.

When the Lifetime Membership is purchased, the Lifetime Member will receive the benefits as a Lifetime Member and a beautiful MTFCI Lifetime Member pin for the member and spouse.​

A ​Lifetime Membership can also be purchased by paying in three equal installments.  United States members can pay three payments of $266 over a three-year period, if desired. Canadian and International Members can make three installment payments of $300 to obtain an MTFCI Lifetime Membership.  Contact the Executive Director at if you wish to pay in installments.  ​